Construction & Development Scenarios

Specialised Commercial Security


Specialised commercial security.
Good location.
Client had dozens of companies.
Client not prepared to provide financials for all entities.


$3,100,000 loan.
10% pa.
60% LVR.
Interest Capitalised.
Asset lend.

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Several months of arrears


Two commercial properties in separate states plus a 3rd residential.
Good locations.
Due to a bitter divorce client business was struggling and needed $700,000 to pay out ex-wife, allowing him to keep properties and his business.
Client being forced out of existing bank as several months arrears had accrued.


$2,300,000 loan.
Sub 10% pa.
65% LVR.
Historical financials and projected cash flows used to service loan.

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Clients requiring working capital


Clients requiring working capital.
Offering specialised security of a Golf Club residential estate.
Sale of residential blocks as clients exit strategy.


Asset Lend
50% LVR
12 month term

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Client under asset management


Client under Asset Management with a major bank and needed to refinance all current loan facilities.
Property 1 -55 Hectares and zoned Rural 40k’s from nearest major town. The dwelling on the property is a liveableshed that currently does not have council approval.
Property 2 -Vacant land, zoned Rural.
Property 3 -Commercial property in major regional town.


Refinance of all Facilities to enable them to re-establish their repayment history.
70% LVR across the board at 11% p.a.
Settled pre-Christmas to allow for a truly festive season.

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