David O’Toole

David O’Toole

Strategic Partnership Manager

Meet David. With over 30 years in the finance broker market working with Suncorp, FAST and PLAN Australia, David has been widely credited with shaping the commercial and equipment finance aggregation market in Australia.

David is passionate about commercial finance and is respected for his thoughtful and creative approach to supporting the broker industry and clients to deliver mutually beneficial results for them.

David’s approach has always been based on a customer-centric model that allowed him to build a reputation for trust, respect, and results.

David is headquartered in Sydney. His main mandate is the national growth of the IBN and Apis group of companies through our broker and accountant network along with the expansion of our sub-aggregation arm Apis Financial.

When not working you can usually find David trying to re-create a food dish that he has seen on Instagram or, like Scott, trying to get out for a game of golf.

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