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Supporting Australian construction and property development.

Apis Financial want to see smart commercial, residential and industrial property developments succeed, so we support first time and experienced property developers with funding options that don’t require pre-sales or lengthy application processes.

With a great range of funding solutions, we can help you cover 100% of your construction costs with previous credit issues considered.


Dream bigger, think better, fund smarter. Apis Financial will source the smart solution to fund your next big idea.

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How we’ve helped other developers:

One of our clients began self-funding a 36-unit development, expecting their existing funder to come to the party to cover any shortfall of funds. However, with pre-sales unavailable and the client’s most recent financials incomplete, the existing funder would not provide the necessary finance.

Even though the client also owned a fully completed and leased residential development in the inner city, the existing funder did not reconsider their decision. Of course the client was concerned, until APIS came to the rescue with a suitable funding solution enabling the project to continue.

Our Solution:

  • Loan Sourced:

  • $6,000,000.00
    • Low 6% rate for completed development
    • 65% LVR (Loan to Value Ratio)
    • Rental income as servicing
    • Full refinance plus considerable amount of working capital

  • Construction Loan Sourced:

  • $7,900,000.00
    • For completion of 36 unit development
    • 11.25% pa
    • 69% LVR (Loan to Value Ratio),
      Based on GRV (Gross Realisation Value)
    • Pre-sales & financials not required for servicing

Dream bigger, think better, fund smarter. Apis Financial will source the smart solution to fund your next big idea.

Residual Stock Loans

Don’t feel pressured into selling your stock at reduced rates just to pay back your development loan. We have refinance options available, including short-term take out loans, to help you can make smarter business decisions free from time and finance stressors.

With extensive experience working with many developers, we understand that project profitability is maximised with market upswings, and these rarely occur at the same time your loan payments are due. We will confidently support promising projects over 3-12 months with appropriate residual stock loans while waiting for the right time to sell.


Our development loans make better business sense:

Up to 65% of gross realisation for first mortgages
Up to 100% of construction costs covered
Pre sales not always required
Previous credit issues considered
Predominantly East Coast
Loan amounts up to $200 million (higher on application)
Mezzanine funding and land banking available
We don’t charge any up-front fees

Development finance options are available for the construction of:

Residential property developments
Commercial property developments
Industrial property developments
Mixed-use development
Land subdivisions
Land bank

How we provide fast, alternative funding solutions:

We have access to a large array of lenders including major banks, 2nd tier lenders and over 250 private funders who have more flexible lending criteria.
We have a close relationship with our panel of Funders allowing us to expedite your application. We know that delays in funding can have a knock-on effect and we work tirelessly to achieve the results you need.
Our team are experienced in both the property development market and finance industry and work to meet the needs of all parties, quickly.

Why choose Apis Financial?

The dedicated team at Apis Financial are highly-experienced lending professionals renowned for delivering outstanding service and smart funding solutions for each of their clients.

We present options that others didn’t know existed

We search for solutions and enjoy the challenge of complex loans

We understand the complexities and requirements for a diverse range of applications

We explain our cost-structure from the outset so that you know what to expect

Our experienced staff assist you every step of the way with frequent communication on the loan progress

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