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Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams; let us find the smart solution to fund your project so you can make your mark!

We believe the best ideas break the mould, and we have access to 1000+ finance options that support your entrepreneurial spirit. Rather than scaring the pants off your banker, talk to us about your ideas because we’re thoroughly experienced in finding smart commercial funding solutions.

Whether you’re looking to expand, upgrade, or need to cover costs during quiet or change periods, we believe in creating opportunity and bringing ideas to life. Although most lenders can provide business loans, the terms and requirements are vast and varied. We have the experience to know the best deals available and can guide you on making smart business decisions.

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Dream bigger, think better, fund smarter. Apis Financial will source the smart solution to fund your next big idea.

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Debtor, Invoice & Trade (Cash Flow Financing)

Without a strong and consistent cash flow, even the best business ideas can fail. Let us help you improve your cash flow with smart finance solutions to see your business succeed.

It’s near impossible to pay your bills on time when the money coming in is inconsistent. It’s also extremely hard to build a strong business without reliably paying for all outlays and being able to invest back into the business.

Cash flow is one of the most important parts of running a business and can often be the piece that sees even the best business ideas fall apart. Let Apis Financial help you improve your cash flow with smart finance solutions so you can confidently manage and grow your business.

For business-to-business providers and wholesalers, debtor factoring is a finance option that can enable improved cash flow without having to wait for customers to pay their bills. This is particularly advantageous for businesses that have 30-day+ accounts or lengthy contract terms but need to pay their own bills more frequently.

Imagine the confidence you’d have and the opportunities you could yield with a consistent cash-flow. Talk to us to learn how we’ve helped other businesses improve their cash flow with smart finance solutions.

We work closely with our panel of Funders, to move quickly on your loan application as we understand that ‘time is money’ and we make the loan process as seamless as possible.

We can help with:

Appropriate funding packages for most security types
Low doc applications
Asset lend where there is an exit strategy
Distressed assets
Major arrears
Mortgagee in possession
In receivership
Cash flow financing
Debtor factoring

Acceptable securities include:

Offices and office blocks
Industrial units
Factories and warehouses
Retail shops
Residential unit blocks
Vacant land
Some specialised securities

Our funders are open to lending:

Up to 70% of the value of the property (higher on application)
In most locations throughout Australia, but predominantly East Coast
Loan amounts from $1M to $200M (higher on application)
First mortgages from 5% per annum

Why choose Apis Financial?

The dedicated team at Apis Financial are highly-experienced lending professionals renowned for delivering outstanding service and smart funding solutions for each of their clients.

We present options that others didn’t know existed

We search for solutions and enjoy the challenge of complex loans

We understand the complexities and requirements for a diverse range of applications

We explain our cost-structure from the outset so that you know what to expect

Our experienced staff assist you every step of the way with frequent communication on the loan progress

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